Taking the best
across the rest

Taking the best
across the rest

After a successful project in the Preserves area the business was keen both to take advantage of the opportunities available across the rest of the site and to embed CI in the overarching business process. In addition, there was felt to be a need to improve the ability of the engineering function in root cause problem solving and to improve the focus of some of the NPD activity

Hansaya Approach
As this phase was both broader and behaviourally focused, a more facilitative approach was used. The management team used the systems developed and led the development of experiments to determine opportunity. In addition, the weekly reporting of planned improvements was integrated into the site weekly Operations meeting

Actions Taken

Supply Chain

  • Created product profi tability file based on live Operational data
  • Upgraded forecast accuracy model
  • Rolled out Capacity plan concepts across site
  • Defined Optimum batch sizes for critical areas
  • 1:1 coaching in root cause problem solving
  • Assessed core capability and personality profile of all shift Engineers
  • Redefined Critical equipment definitions and progress tracking file
  • Facilitated development of area improvement plans
  • Agreed changes to inspection procedures
  • Installed upgraded meeting Terms of Reference
  • Introduced improved project controls

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