Squeezing the most from
materials, plant & Labour

Squeezing the most from
materials, plant & Labour

Optimising asset utilisation is essential to achieving the best returns on capital, so before committing to investing in additional equipment, it is always worth challenging the capability of the resources in place. Realising that on existing models there would be a need to add capacity in critical areas, Orchard House Foods (OHF) asked Hansaya to propose and test alternative solutions.

The study carried out identifi ed ways of increasing the capacity of the existing equipment, as well as reducing costs in other areas, both material and labour

Hansaya Approach
The Hansaya team worked hand-in-hand with Planning, Operations, Engineering and the senior team to implement a number of key changes, as well as the “System For Management” (SFM) required to control them.

Actions Taken

Operational excellence

  • Engineered solution to exploit operating parameters of critical plant
  • Implemented solutions for better control of give away and yield
  • CIP scheduling improved to increase bottleneck availability
  • Implemented new shift pattern to simplify skills planning and allow longer bottling runs
  • Installed upgraded controls for all areas
  • Focus on Major causes of downtime for CI activity
Focus on Factory Planning
  • Introduction of improved planning and scheduling systems
  • Daily Labour Matching to Demand in diff erent areas of the factory
  • Optimised batch sizes to maximise plant utilisation and yield

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