Jam today for a Bakery

Jam today for a Bakery

Our client, backed by investment bankers and seeking rapid margin growth, recently added a major Italian manufacturer to their portfolio. In our 3rd project in Italy for the same group, we carried out an analysis and identified several opportunities for improvement/cost saving.

The factory was suffering from a lack of investment and production machinery had seen better days. The small on-site team had become accustomed to long periods of breakdown and had come to accept poor performance as the norm. Furthermore, they didn’t think they could do anything about it.

Hansaya Approach
The Hansaya team worked hand-in-hand with Planning, Operations, Engineering and Management to implement new ways of working as well as the “System For Management” (SFM) required to control the whole. Our task was threefold:

  1. Integrate Customer Service and Daily/Weekly Performance Management Systems with existing Group Procedures.
  2. Deliver Cost Reduction Measures from OEE, Giveaway and Waste.
  3. Lift Low margin SKUs closer to average margin.

Actions Taken

Operational excellence

  • Established SIC methodology for shop floor supervision to control OEE and Giveaway
  • Introduced “short stop” monitoring to understand and attack lost time
  • Established Daily Performance Review Disciplines
  • Focused on Major causes of downtime and waste for CI activity
  • Management by Exception at Senior Level
Focus on Factory Planning
  • Introduction of new line scheduling rules to reduce complexity
Customer Service
  • Integration with group customer service system
Margin Improvement
  • Developed pinpoint strategy for raising poor margins closer to average

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