A Stable platform for
continued success

A Stable platform for
continued success

expertise, especially in the Preserves area, was making recovery from operational issues slower than acceptable, risking customer service and driving up costs. Hansaya were therefore asked to review the end to end processes for Preserves and make recommendations for a permanent solution.

The study found a number of areas that required attention, including Supply Chain, Operational decision making and Engineering, and a proposal was approved to address the points identified

Hansaya Approach
Although the benefi ts were only being monitored in one area, the Hansaya team worked with all of the site management team, as it was important that the systems and behaviours were consistent if results were to be sustained

Actions Taken

Supply Chain

  • Established least cost batch sizes allowing for fixed losses and potential Stock at Risk
  • Changed run philosophy from "Run by Jar" to "Run by Recipe"
  • Moved Stock at Risk system from reactive to preventive. Allowing corrective action before any cost impact
  • Detailed review of key equipment to establish an improved care routine
  • Upgrading of key elements to reduce potential for short stops, particularly glass breakages
  • Focus on start-up and changeover disciplines
  • Team reorganized to process from function
  • Improved recipe control to reduce rejects

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