Fruits of labour
taken to the bottom

Fruits of labour
taken to the bottom

A UK market leader in ready-to-eat fresh fruit products, fresh fruit patisserie and drinks for leading UK retailers. A key value for the business is Continuous Improvement – Continually challenging all areas of the business to improve quality, increase value and deliver business improvement. Success in business is linked to a willingness to think outside the box - and outside the business - and knowing Hansaya’s reputation for business improvement, a study of all operational areas was commissioned. The principal conclusions of the study were that that there was potential to reduce direct labour costs through improved production and preparation scheduling linked to line balancing, improvements to operating practices and labour control.

Hansaya Approach
The Hansaya team worked hand-in-hand with teams across the entire supply chain to implement a new, integrated System For Management (SFM).

Actions Taken Operational excellence:

  • Rebalanced production lines to improve OEE and reduce Giveaway
  • Introduced regular improvement meetings, informed by improved shop floor data capture
  • Trained Team Leaders in a range of skills relating to driving performance
  • Introduced structured GEMBA walks
Focus on value added:
  • Improved production scheduling model enabling tighter labour control
  • Linked preparation scheduling, ensuring fruit availability and improving Prep labour planning
  • Upgraded review processes increasing root cause problem resolution
  • New forecasting tool, improving demand accuracy, and used as an input to a comprehensive resource planning tool

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