A Sweet Taste
of Success…

A Sweet Taste
of Success…

Typically of a profitable and growing business, A UK market leader believes there are always opportunities to improve performance. As a result, Hansaya Consulting were asked to carry out a study across the business to determine where and how large such opportunities actually were. The study identified that control of materials was generally good, but that there was potential to reduce direct labour costs through improvements to line efficiencies, line balancing and labour control. In addition, there was scope to make savings in overhead costs by removing non value-added management time.

Hansaya Approach
The Hansaya team worked hand-in-hand with Operations, Supply Chain, Engineering and the senior team to implement a wide range of new ways of working as well as the “System For Management” (SFM) required to control the whole.

Actions Taken Operational excellence:

  • Lines rebalanced, both in terms of crew and equipment
  • Demand, labour and honey supply planning integrated into one process, based on reported line efficiencies
  • Focus on “Right First Time”
  • Introduction of performance “Road Maps”
  • Regular improvement meetings
  • 70% reduction in on hold inventory
Focus on value added:
  • Removal of night shift
  • Reduction in Technical procedures and paperwork
  • Integration of Supply Chain activities
  • Introduction of improved forecasting systems

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