Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

- Michael Jordan

The motive of success is not enough

- Anon

Initiative is doing the right thing without being told

- Victor Hugo

Welcome to Hansaya Consulting

Decisions on business expenditure rightly need to be pragmatic. There is not much room for nice-to-haves or speculative purchases in our changing times. If anything, business purchases should lead to less surprises in life, and never more so than when purchasing consultancy support. The Hansaya story is about two people with a lifetime of pragmatic and value-adding work for good consulting firms who now want to do it their own way. It’s about liking people, first of all and most of all. From that everything flows – listening, supporting, guiding, coaching and results.

We really like results – financial, bottom line, tangible. We have one goal which is to add sustainable value. We do it because it’s enjoyable and fulfilling for us and the client. We start and complete tasks, we take people without tools and equip them, we take opaque business processes and clarify them, we identify savings and make them. You will see the difference. It’s our blend of technical and people support set for our times.